Mysterious masked activist Chad Chance defies the government-funded company Chemitrope that has developed a drug (amoratrope) that induces strong feelings of love between any two people. This drug has unfortunate side-effects such as increased aggression and can even be fatal at high doses. Chad develops his own methods called Love Cues that offer the same results without the use of hazardous drugs. As the head researcher behind Chemitrope, Dr. X, tests the drugs through programs in college campuses, Chad makes plans to spread his Love Cues virally and for free with the help of his friends, including hit blogger Ariel. The lure of being able to produce love on command corrupts everyone who deals with it, even the students who are attempting to take down the evil corporation. Soon suspicion and betrayal spread through both sides of the conflict. It’s impossible to tell what a person’s motivations are when at any point anyone could be love jacked.